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   groceries last longer; singer Christina Aguilera discusses 'The...  

    November 10, 2012
    5:00 - 7:00am PST  

good morning. fall of a hero. legendary general david petraeus steps down as cia director, admitting to an extramarital affair. a shocking turn for a man credited for saving the war effort in iraq, as questions about the affair and the fallout swirl around washington. state of confusion. the rest ofhe country has elected a president while the election results in florida remain too close to call. many are asking when it comes to voting why is the sunshine state still in the dark? and bieber breakup. word that justin bieber and selena gomez have split. while they might be sad, a lot of 'tween and teenage girls are likely shrieking with joy, "today," saturday, november 10th, 2012.
good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm erica hill. general david petraeus was one of the most revered figures in washington. a four-star general known for turning around the war in iraq. >> he was even considered a potential presidential candidate, so his admission that he had an extramarital affair, forcing his resignation as cia director, has set off shockwaves around washington. it was discovered as part of an fbi investigation, and it's got many wondering did he compromise national security, and is there more to this story? we're going to have much more just ahead. >> and that is not the only big story in our nation's capital. president obama and house speaker john boehner appear to be drawing lines in the sand over that looming fiscal cliff. big tax hikes and spending cuts that could take effect at the end of the year. if washington can't find a compromise. that could have a big impact on your bottom line. we'll get you more on that in just a moment. >> also it sounds a bit crazy but apparently it's real. you'll meet some people who are
addicted to the internet. >> plus with prices skyrocketing at the supermarket, as i'm sure you've noticed, every penny counts. we have some tips on stretching your dollars by making your everyday groceries last just a little bit longer. and speaking of money, some high profile women including the duchess of cambridge and first lady michelle obama, making it fashionable to recycle outfits. we'll tell you about the message it's sending to the rest of the world. >> i'll fess up, i wore this suit six weeks ago. all right we've dealt with it. and we'll introduce you to a true wonder dog. a poodle mix who was rescued from a trash heap, blind, and ver sick, thanks to some loving rescuers now she's doing great and she is an internet sensation. i watched this piece on youtube earlier today and it brings tears to your eyes. >> it does. that sweet little face. >> it's a great, great ending. >> we begin this morning with the scandal that cost cia director david petraeus his job. kristen welker is in our washington bureau with more. kristen, good morning. >> good morning to you, erica. this stunning news comes on the
heels of the president's triumphant re-election. cia director david petraeus is a retired four-star general who led combat forces in iraq and afghanistan and was considered one of the top leaders of his generation. sources on the hill and at the white house say his reputation was sterling. a family man who's known for putting country first. but that all changed this week when he offered his resignation. in a letter to his cia colleagues he said, quote, after being married for 37 years i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband, and as the leader of an organization such as ours. earlier this year, petraeus was the subject of a biography by paula broadwell, a ph.d. student he met at harvard. nbc news has confirmed that the fbi opened an investigation into whether broadwell had improper access to petraeus' e-mails or other computer access. meanwhile, mr. obama appointed petraeus' deputy michael morrell to take over at the cia and released this statement, thanking petraeus for his
service. quote, by any measure, through his lifetime of service, david petraeus has made our country safer and stronger, going forward my thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly petraeus, who has done so much to help military families through her own work. i wish them the very best at this difficult time. now, this comes as the cia and the obama administration faces scrutiny about that benghazi attack. erica? >> what can you tell us about the acting director, kristen, mike morrell? will he now testify, again? as you heard this week is the hearing on the benghazi attacks? >> that's what is expected. michael morrell is a career agent at the cia. he joined back in 1980 when he was 21 years old as an economic analyst. what's so interesting is that he is one of the top people who was briefing president obama during the planning process to take down osama bin laden. so president obama has an immense amount of confidence in michael morrell and that is
giving him confidence as they head into this transition period with the cia. >> and in terms of members of congress, and the intelligence community, obviously, an interesting reaction there. did it come as a complete shock? >> a complete shock. i was working the phones all day long talking to my sources, both at the white house, and on capitol hill. and they just say they would have never expected this from david petraeus. his reputation really was sterling. so there was a lot of shock, a lot of sadness. you had dianne feinstein, senator dianne feinstein come out and say i understand the president's decision but i almost wish that he hadn't accepted his resignation. she said, however, she does respect the decision. but i spoke to a number of members of the intelligence community who said this is absolutely the right thing to do. >> kristen welker, thanks. mark halperin is a senior political analyst for msnbc. and "time" magazine. good to have you here. >> great to be here. >> as you look at all this, as kristen just outlined, really came as a shock. but yet there are still a lot of questions about the timing in
terms of when he went to see the president. is there any there there? >> we live inable age where everybody questions everything, right? so the timing for a lot of people is serious. sandwiched between the election, and next week's testimony on benghazi. still a lot of questions for both parties about what happened in benghazi. and the cia's role there before the event, the tragic events, during the tragic events, and after are still very much debated and people wanted to hear from general petraeus. i think people will still want to hear from him and question why he's no longer testifying. probably, based on everything we know so far. this is a personal tragedy. a personal failure. as general petraeus said. but people are going to raise questions until more facts are known. particularly about what were the origin of the fbi investigation? why were they looking at it? how long was it going on for? the two bs are the two things people are buzzing about, benghazi and the question of blackmail and whether there was any indication that the general's hand was forced by other people. no evidence of that. but that's what people are wondering about now. >> as you point out the question is what exactly the fbi was
looking into. as kristen mentioned, nbc news has confirmed that there were concerns someone other than petraeus had been accessing his e-mail. which obviously is a concern if you're the director of the cia. >> there's no doubt. and part of why people are describing this as such a shock, such a punch to the stomach, here's a guy, long record of public service, long record, first at the military, now at the cia, serving the country, and considered a man of impeachable -- unimpeachable integrity, the question is, why was there an fbi investigation? we still don't know. but that is a big piece that we're going to learn more about, there's no doubt. >> what is the impact that you see on both the military community and the intelligence community? >> a lot of people are shocked. again, if you're not part of the washington community of defense officials, and people on capitol hill, and the administration and the media, you don't recognize, you can't know just how big a shock this is to people. this is a guy who's been someone lots of people have known and worked with. the president's got to remake his national security team. i don't think he wasn't counting on replacing the cia director.
he's got to probably replace hillary clinton at state. leon panetta at defense. as he starts to move pieces around, maybe as attorney general, the president demands two things when you think about these big appointments. diversity and excellence. and now, replacing his cia director is going to have to be part of that mix, to get a national security seem that can work really well together, general petraeus had a mixed reputation on that score. some people in the pentagon, in the intelligence community, resented him a little bit. he's a superstar. and superstars in any high pressure field are going to have some people questioning are they team players? there was some of that. but he did perform at a very high level. one of the most excellent people in his profession in the last 100 years. they need to find somebody to replace him. >> is there a political fallout from this? whether it's for the president, or for any others in washington? >> i think the most likely political fallout could relate to benghazi. there's still this question, one of the things that goes on in washington when there's a national security scandal or crisis or controversy, is often there are big tensions between people in the intelligence
world, people at the state department. maybe the political people at the white house. and the suspicion for a lot of people leading up to the election was that things were being covered up. things weren't being fully discussed. the president called for an investigation. no doubt the cia is at the center of that. two of the people who tragedy died were cia -- part of the cia employees. and so, as this plays out, there could be some controversy. and from a republican point of view people are going to question why did we get this bakt as late as we did, general petraeus' resignation, shocking as it is, brings up some of those questions. what's going to happen at the testimony next week? what were the facts leading up to the tragedy and then in the aftermath? >> mark, nice to see you this morning. thank you. now here's lester. >> erica, thanks. now to the looming fiscal cliff. drastic spendi ining cuts and t hikes set to kick in at the end of the year if congress doesn't reach a deal. experts say if nothing is done it could trigger another recession. nbc's mike viqueira is at the white house where a showdown is looming between the president, and congress. mike, good morning.
>> good morning, lester. both sides say they want promise but there doesn't appear to be any common ground on one very big issue. that is how much should the wealthy pay in taxes? in his first white house appearance after his winning campaign, president obama issued a warning ahead of the coming fiscal fight with republicans. >> i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced, and on tuesday night we found out that the majority of americans agree with my approach. >> reporter: that approach means making the wealthy pay more in taxes, a vow the president made repeatedly in the campaign. but republican house speaker john boehner, appearing earlier in the day, says it won't happen on his watch. >> raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. >> reporter: it is the key sticking point, and if it can't resolved by the end of the year, the nation heads over the so-called fiscal cliff. a combination of expiring tax
cuts, costings average household almost $3500 in higher taxes next year, and deep cuts to both domestic and defense spending. combined, analysts say it would mean slower economic growth and a soaring jobless rate next year. since the election, both sides have signaled they're willing to bend. >> i'm not wedded to every detail of my plan. i'm open to compromise. i'm open to new ideas. >> reporter: both sides also hint that if there is to be a deal, it could ultimately include dramatic changes to the tax code and an overhaul of entitlement programs. >> it's not like just social security or medicare, this has to be dealt with. everything on the revenue side, and on the spending side, has to be looked at. >> and there you have it, lester. both sides have drawn their lines in the sand publicly. the first step towards compromise may come next friday when the president hosts congressional leaders here at the white house. lester? >> mike viqueira, thanks. republican senator bob corker of tennessee has been a key figure
working behind the scenes trying to bring both sides together. senator corker, welcome. >> good morning. >> before we talk fiscal cliff i want to get your thoughts on the resignation of cia director petraeus. do you agree with the president that it was the right thing to accept the resignation? >> i don't know all the details, obviously. general petraeus is somebody all of us respected. he's a legend in my home state of tennessee. and certainly my thoughts are with him and his wife, and again, i think more details will come out as time goes on. but, he certainly is someone here in congress that, when he spoke, people listened. and he's going to be missed sorely. >> let's talk about this financial situation the nation is in right now. this budget situation. the president and speaker boehner were staking out positions yesterday, but at the same time, not being nailed down on specifics. do you think that both are really in a mood to compromise? that we'll see a true meeting of the minds here? >> well, i hope so. obviously if anything -- if we're going to get a result by year end, the only way we're going to do it is if the two of them reach an agreement. that is the only way for it to
occur. and i actually see a lot of common ground. the fact is that i think people on the right and the left agree that the upper income can pay more. it's just whether you get it through rates or whether you get it through closing wloopholes and deductions. republicans have long been willing to let loopholes and deductions be closed for upper income people like myself to generate income. and that's a very pro-growth way of generating revenue, the kind of revenues that the president has laid out. >> but what's the difference, at the end of the day, if you're spending -- if there's more money coming out of your paycheck, what does it matter what you call it? why close the door on raising the tax rate? >> well, here's the deal. most small businesses, and most businesses in general, file their income taxes through llcs and sub-ss, meaning they're paying at the personal level. so what you can do if you do it the way i just outlined. you can generate a pro-growth system for small business, but at the individual decision
making process, those loopholes are closed. so it's a pro-growth way. growth for the economy, it's a way of generating economic growth but at the same time generating those revenues from wealthy americans. by the way, i don't think the issue is about revenue. i think speaker boehner laid out $800 billion in revenues the last time that they met. the real issue here, in my opinion, and i meet republicans and democrats all the time, is how deeply we're going to deal with the issue of entitlements and especially the medicare program. to me, that's the key to these decisions, and discussions, and that is will the president be willing to really fundamentally change the medicare program so that it's solvent for the future. i believe if he's willing to do that, i think you're going to see a compromise here. and i think you're going to see something very -- >> on the part of democrats to touch those. i want to talk briefly about this notion of a two-step measure that speaker boehner
supports a stopgap that would buy a little time until january and then pick up the harder business down the road. can we afford that? but can we do this all in one step? >> yeah, i'm not a fan of that. look, we all know what the issues are. we've been talking about this for two years. we've had two dry runs at it now. i'm not a fan of a two-step process. let's let the band-aid off and deal with this. we know what the issues are so let's deal with it. i don't like that approach and my hope is that people would just sit down, we know what the issues are, let's put forth a solution, and let's get this behind us. there's going to be other events down the road where certainly we're going to need to take even deeper steps. this is an issue that's going to take awhile for us to resolve. but i don't like the notion of a small down payment, kick the can down the road until january. i think it's time for us to act. i don't know how the atmosphere could be any better. there's nor commonality here than people can possibly imagine on this issue. there really is.
let's just do it now. >> i think a lot of folks would like to see you all be able to work together and work this out. senator bob corker. thanks for coming on this morning. good to talk to you. >> thank you. >> rip off that band-aid, huh? what to get a check of the rest of the top stories with jenna wolfe. >> good morning you guys. good morning, everyone. four days now since the election. four days. still no word on the results in florida. all counties in the state must report their election results today, to finally decide who won the presidential race. did i mention the election was four days ago? and three days after the polls close washington has a new governor. jay inslee defeated job mckenna. a safety recall is out on nearly 60,000 car seats. britax has been getting reports of children biting and gagging on the pads in its seats. the company is sending out a kit with stronger pads. the models are the boulevard 70-g3 managered from june of
2012 to august 2012. reports say two suicide bombers killed and injured dozens of people in southern syria. an anti-government group claims targeted regime forces in daraa, these pictures were uploaded to the internet today. 11,000 refugees have fled syria in the past 24 hours. most of them to turkey. the united nations says it is the biggest exodus in 20 months of civil war. today is malala day around the world. the united nations planned a day of action honoring a 15-year-old malala yousafzai who was shot by militants while pressing for girls' education in pakistan. her father says she's now beginning to walk, to talk, and to read, which is wonderful news. nearly 90,000 people have signed a petition requesting that malala receive the nobel peace prize. and finally, brace yourself, brace yourself for this last story. it's big. justin bieber and selena gomez are a super couple no more. according to e-online they broke up last week after two years of dating. bieber performed at the
victoria's secret show this week. he admits to being a little distracted by the models while he was there. to which his friends responded, you think? that is the news. now back to lester, to erica, and to bill. >> think we now know what doomed the relationship. check out the vick for yeah's secret models. >> if they can't survive. who can? jenna, thanks. >> dylan dreyer is here with our first check of the forecast. >> we're talking about snow this time not in the northeast. we're talking about snow in montana. it's their first major snowstorm, and it made road conditions treacherous. interstate 90 looked like a parking lot. cars and trucks split off the highways. strong winds with gusts up to 30 miles per hour creating significant snow drifts. so we are going to see some of that snow start to push a little further to the east, as we head into this afternoon. you could see all across the rockies we are talking about some snow. even as snow coming off of lake tahoe out in nevada. up in to montana, and spreading east into bismarck, north dakota, we do still have some of that heavy snow.
because of that we have winter storm warnings, snow advisories, and that lake-effect snow warning off of lake tahoe. we are looking at this cold front spreading eastward. it could create some stronger storms through the plains. also some rain showers across the northern great lakes, and in the northeast, still another chilly day. >> and that is your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. nearly two weeks after hurricane sandy hits this area, there are still hundreds of thousands of people without electricity. and for many of them, patience
is understandably wearing thin. stephanie gosk has the latest from long island. >> we need relief. >> reporter: 11 days after the lights went out in oceanside, long island, residents are seething. >> where is lipa? >> reporter: and the county's chief wants to put the military in charge of restoring power. >> lipa management has once again fallen down on the job. >> send in the national guard. we are fed up! >> reporter: the power company lipa says it can't restore power until flood-damaged homes are inspected. it was the same criticism leveled last year after hurricane irene. in june, a state investigation criticized lipa for what it called an outdated emergency response plan. with no system to predict power restoration. lipa did not respond to repeated requests for comment. new york governor andrew cuomo has called the delay a failure. >> you have people without power for a very long time, it's
gotten cold, it's uncomfortable. yes, we're understanding. but we're also impatient, and we want more and we want it faster. >> not a single light. >> reporter: many new york residents have been documenting what are sometimes dangerous conditions. 200 elderly tenants in this rockaway high rise were virtually ignored until friday. when the national guard showed up. >> we're kind of underplayed. i thought it was very much forgotten about. >> reporter: across the river in new jersey, governor chris christie toured damaged areas. and asked the 200,000 still without power to be patient. >> life will be back for most of new jersey to normal come sunday. >> reporter: at the con-ed command center they expect to restore power to the rest of their new york customers without flood damage by this weekend. >> five times the size of what irene did to us. five times the amount of damage. five times the amount of
customers affected. it's just been an unbelievable effort to try to get the customers back. >> reporter: for "today," stephanie gosk, nbc news, oceanside, long island. still to come, people battling a serious addiction. but not to alcohol or to drugs. to the internet. coming up how to know if your loved ones are at risk. but first, "today" "today." but. first, this is ♪
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still to come on "today," simple ways to make your groceries last longer. >> and we'll show you a couple fashion a-listers who are setting a new trend. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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in story superior approximate. >> wri ar temperatures in the low 30s and don't do what i did walking out with wet hair from the shower. you will get frostbite. 34 degrees in santa rosa and 35 in napa and warmer in san francisco and napa with clouds and breezy conditions. the showers on the decrease. a chance of isolated showers and around the coast and the mountains. in the sierra, chain control up from baxter on interstate 80 to truckee and twin bridges to meyers on highway 50. snow down to near yosemite this
morning. quite a bit of snow and showers offshore. for the first half of the day, that's a possibility, but look through the afternoon. clearing skies and temperatures today only in the mid- to upper 50s. a cool day and showers are completely out of the forecast for warm into the low 60s. warmer tomorrow. >> rob. >> vietnam veterans break ground on a memorial in honor of those who did not return home. they will have the names of the men who did not return from action. it's across from hp pavilion. >> a serene tranquil place where people can reflect. >> they are raising funds to pay for up seep. the veterans of other wars can build their memorials on the
same plot of land. >> the east bay is saluting the first man to set foot on the moon. they feature the life of neal armstrong. organizers say it houses the largest collection of artifacts. the uss hornet played a role and recovered the crew when they returned to earth and spent several days in quarantine. armstrong recently passed away in august. >> a special opportunity for athletes with unique challenges. about 100 anti-teen military veterans will attend a special training program. later this afternoon they will be training with experts at a martial arts and rock climbing and cycling clinic. coming up this morning on today in the bay, seers and
snowboarders get ready. we will tell you which resort is opening today. all the day's news at 7:00. more local news in just 30 minutes.
we're back on this saturday morning, november 10th, 2012. in the past couple weeks we had a a hurricane, heavy snow, and today, mother nature is apparently making up for it in the east where we're expecting temperatures in the 50s. people outside are excited about it. >> it's crazy. >> i think you're doing a fine job. >> coat, no coat -- >> that happens here. i'm erica hill with lester holt. in the next half hour, internet addiction. we've all gone through fazes where you can't get enough of your phone or laptop, but is being obsessed with technology a real addiction. plus, saving money on groceries doesn't end at the checkout lines. with food prices on the lines, we'll show you ways to make your
staples last longer. bond is back. critics and fans are raving over the new james bond film. it comes just months after his famous cameo with the queen of england. let's begin with internet addictions. when you think of addictive behave, food, alcohol, and drugs come to mind, but experts say that internet can also cause addiction. >> i went into this as a concept tick, but boy, after i learned more about this, things like sex, shopping, hoarding, they were considered addictions. and these days can you add an internet addiction on top of that list? >> 911? >> i need you guys to send officers to my house. >> this is the voice of a
desperate mother. >> technology was removed today, a few hours ago, and he is crying and really upset. >> her 17-year-old son, chris, turned violent when she took away his computer. >> he punched a hole in the wall? >> he is an addict to internet games. >> how do you know it's an addiction and not just a bad habit. >> because his whole demeanor changed, his whole personality, he is just a different person. he can't leave the game. >> stanford psychiatrist has studied obsessive internet users for a decade, he says some 13% of people show signs to interment addiction. >> for something that changed our lives so drastically and
irreversibly, the internet has not received nearly the amount of attention that it deserves. >> reporter: this past april, the american psychiatric association agreed more research needs to be done into internet use disorder. and for the first time, included it in the appendix of their diagnostic manual. these women run the first treatment program for internet addiction outside of seattle. >> so whdistancing from relationships, lying to family and friends, not showing up with responsibilities, sleep deprivation, very nocturnal, staying up late. >> that does sound like addictive behavior. >> it is. >> stacey is one addict we met
at restart. >> what is it about an internet friend that's better than an inperson friend? >> i don't know, throughout my life i've had a difficult time making friends, and i just thought that utahising the inte takes it better. >> she is addicted to a simple card game, spades, and it's chatroom. she said she spends so much time in bed, online, that it led to a divorce of a marriage of 18 years. >> didit did cost you were children? >> yes, i missed out on about five years of their childhood. >> the scientific proof is in the brain scans. the same area lights out for alcohol, drugs, and there is no winning any more. and in a society, i think we're
just catching up to the science. >> you mentioned that you were a skeptic. >> i was. >> where is the medical community right now? >> i think some doctors say give me a break, it's one more excuse for bad behavior. others say no, look. when we where 50 years ago, we didn't think gambling or sex was an addiction. the problem is the gaming industry is gaming people. they're meant for infinity. you can't win any more and call the game quits. there's one more level, virtual money -- >> you mentioned gaming, is there a typical profile. >> for young men, 18 to 25, it's games, for women in their 30s, it's chatrooms and card games. both are virtual friends and virtual reality for real friends and real reality. and it's unbelievably seductive,
but it's all around us. look how wired we all are. >> we're all sitting here connected, we depend on these things so much, but the line you draw is very stark. >> it takes over one's life and withdrawal can be very, very difficult. >> thank you. we're going to go outside of to the plaza and get another check of the weather. >> we're celebrating a birthday today, how old are you going to be? >> 11. >> and it's tomorrow? >> yes. the. we have an awesome picture out of central park. it's closed because of snow. last year, it took until the end of january before we picked up 4.7 inches of know in central
park. unbelievable sites, and now we're talking about a good mix of temperatures. above temperatures by about 15 degrees and above by about 30 degrees, all of that colder air is slowly spreading east ward into today. we're looking at teens and 20s into montana and the morning rockies. in the northeast, temperatures . let's face it. by bay area standards. this is cold. we have a frost advisory through 9:00 and 32 in gilroy. 42 in san jose and showers mainly near the ocean. we will see a chance of showers through the morning and still plenty of he? in the sierra. temperatures around the bay area across the board mid- to upper 50s. tomorrow should be a little bit warmer. 60s and showers out of the forecast with the showers out of the week and coming back on wednesday. that means that tomorrow
night is sunday night, football night in america, and we're taking you to chicago. could be the first time on sunday night football this year that weather is going to play a factor. the texans taking on the bears, showers, heavy rain, thunderstorms possible, and temperatures will start off okay, but they will fall before the end of the game. lester? >> that's bear weather. thanks. up next, saving money by making your groceries last longer. [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix.
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test kitchen, i got a test on storing food. grocery prices are sky high, and experts say they're expected to climb. >> they will go up 4% or 5%. >> jack bishop knows the secret to making foods last longer. >> you can buy as long as you know how to store properly. first, we looked at flower. if you're going to keep it for a couple months, it's fine in the pantry. it's best to put it in the freezer because it has oils that can turn rancid. put the bag right in, let the flour warm up. >> next, got milk? >> how can you buy it, keep it, and make it last. >> if you just use a little milk in coffee, occasional baking,
powder milk is a great way to save money. it's a lot cheaper. >> and it doesn't have to go in the fridge or freezer? >> no, in the pantry. >> and another staple, bread. >> that's where the bread belongs, you don't eat it in a day or two, keep it in the freezer. one place you never want to put it is the refrigerator. it will retrograde and it makes them dry out and awful texture. wrap them in wrap and foil and put it in the freezer. >> butter is a great thing to buy in bulk. you can keep the sleeve on, understand once you break into
it, put it in a freezer back. you have 12 months to use the butter, so if you see it on sale, buy it now because prices of butter are going up. >> we love frozen blueberries, strawberries, baking, they're great, you can make a pie for with frozen blueberries is about $5 and fresh is about $20. we love peas, carrots, and spinnage. some don't freeze as good as others, these we think are as good as fresh. >> and last, a tip for storing burgers. >> a lot of us like to buy meat in bulk. >> if you love bergers, shape these into individual patties, use wax paper to separate, put
them in a ziploc bag. >> make sure oil stays fresh longer, store it away from heat, light, or keep it in your refrigerator, because they go rancid. >> and use a good strong freezer bag, not a regular one. >> they like glad bags. >> thanks. still ahead, the courageous dog, rescued from a trash happy. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ girl ] dear santa... ♪ dear santa, i want a ballerina tutu, a pink bike, a unicorn night-light... [ female announcer ] this year, bring their wish list to life.
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infectio infectious. >> we were at a center run by the united way. the volunteers came out because they felt they had to do something, and the people coming in for help, some of their stories were incredible in terms of what they lost and where they were two weeks later. >> we talk about volunteerism as something to do, all you have to do is go to some of these places and take a look. you can't sit in a room and be around these people without feeling a need to help. it wasn't a chore. you go and you feel a sense of i want to do this, i want to help my fellow neighbor. one day the tables could be turned, and we were working among people affected by the storm who were there themselves to help. >> the floor that we were sweeping there, it was overwhelming at first, but once
we started, we -- you get wrapped up in the whole thing, and you're like we're here to fix this. >> yeah, we need help, can you do this? sure. >> everyone there was equally, it was really a great feeling. >> and you don't have to be in the new york area to help. there are so many ways you can help. we'll have more on that tomorrow and today. still ahead, when it comes to presidential elections, why is florida such a state of embarrassment.
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good morning. look live the fremont, you see the flag and it is a chilly start to the day. if you are heading out for early morning accident, cover up. rob has the forecast that will remain chilly. >> it's one of the brr months. november this morning we have 31 now in santa rosa. you dropped to below freezing. the north bay to solano county. patchy frost advisories through 9:00 this morning. showers on the coast. you have been seeing a few along the east bay hills, but the transition is a go. in the sierra it's snowing like crazy. a lake effect warning and we have chain controls up from baxter to truckee and twin brims
to meyers on highway 50. that will be a cool day for the bay area. mid- to upper 50s and breezy and clearing this afternoon. for the veteran a day plans through the weekend, warmer tomorrow and dry as we wrap up and warmer through monday and tuesday. >> rallying to end police brutality to march against the officer-involved shootings in the bay area. demonstrators are expected to gather near 14th and broadway. it's organized for alan blueford who was shot and killed in a confrontation in may. the district attorney's office said he was justified in shooting the 18-year-old. the march begins at noon. police are on the look out for two handicap-adapted vehicles stolen from a home in menlo park. look at the picture of one of the vehicles described as an older black honda crv with a
flat form wheel lift attached to the back and the unit is on that. the other is a gold 1999 dodge grand caravan with a wheelchair lift as well. the owner has been confined to a wheelchair since 2 then 7 and heaviry relies on the vehicles to get around. if you spot one or both, call the police. several cash-strapped schools are in danger are losing thousands of dollars because of a grinch who stole signs that serve as advertisements for a fund-raiser. a christmas tree lot donates 15% of the proceeds to 45 local schools. hours after the signs were hung, the signs just vanished. hone bear trees raised $30,000 for the school that is pays for art and other program that is the schools cannot afford.
>> the money at this time with the budget cuts and fund-raising is a way that builds community as well. this puts a damper on it. >> another sign company came forward to donate replacement banners. they are investigating, but no arrests. >> waiting for justice and marking a painful anniversary. that story for you at 7:00 and more local news in 30.
welcome back to "today." saturday morning, the 10th day of november, 2012. we thank everyone for spending their day with us. i'm lester holt with erica hill, and coming up, the shocking resignation of general david petraeus. it was a sudden and public toend a career for the general. we'll have more on his story in just a moment. and it's now been four days since president obama won the election, but the votes have not been certified in florida. when it comes to voting, why can't they get their act together? >> it's pretty amazing, isn't it? then, james bond rises again in "sky fall." why some say it's the best 007
movie yet. and the new york aquarium was devastated when hurricane sandy hit, but some employees rose to the occasion to save the animals. and christina aguilera stops by, talks about the elements of the show, and what it's like to mentor her team. we begin with a sudden fall from grace by the director of the cia, david petraeus resigned friday because of an extramarital affair and sent shock waives through the nation. >> good morning, erica, sources on the hill and at the white house say general david petraeus' rep station was sterling. it all changed this week when he offered his resignation. on the heals of the president's
triumphant reelection, cia general david petraeus resigned from the position he's held since last year. this is president obama praising him while announcing his resignation. >> reporter: petraeus, a retired four-star general, who led combat forces in iraq and afghanistan, was considered a top leader of his generation. >> i feel thankful for the opportunity to contribute. >> the white house says they learned about the situation on wednesday. general david petraeus called and asked to see the president on thursday. the president asked for 24 hours to consider and accepted on friday. in his resignation letter, petraeus' writes that after 34 years of marriage, i showed extremely poor judgment. it is unacceptable as a husband
and as the leader of an organization such as ours. david petraeus was a distinguished cadet. he got a ph.d from princeton, and they had two children, including ason, who was recently serving in afghanistan. >> my wife holly is with me today. she has hung tough while i have been deployed for 5.5 years. >> she served on the white houses consumer finance bureau. earlier this year, petraeus was the subject of a biography by another west point graduate, paula, who appeared on "the daily show" to talk about the book. >> he is a bit concerned about legacy, and he came at it from a mentoring point of view. >> nbc confirmed that they
opened an investigation to see if she had improper access to his e-mail or computer. and michael moll was appointed to the cia, and thanked petraeus for his extraordinary service to the nation for decades and wishing him and his wife the best at this difficult time. dianne feinstein staid "i wish president obama had not accepted his resignation, but i understand and respect this decision." >> ultimately, if he did not feel comfortable with david petraeus, and david petraeus did not feel comfortable representing the cia, and ot government, then they made the right move. >> they say the is not under investigation, and they don't anticipate bringing charges.
the this comes as the obama administration faces hard questions on the attack in benghazi. >> kristin welker, thank you. tom ricks, good to have you with us this morning, david petraeus is featured in three of your books, you know him, how surprised were you? because i'm guessing you were surprised when you heard this news. >> i have known him for about 13 years. i know paula broadwell as well. i was surprised about dave petraeus himself, personally, but i'm not surprised when we put a human being out in the war zone for six and a half years, subjecting him to enormous pressures, had a bout with
cancer, and we're willing to lose an effective general because of consenting behavior with another adult. if we did that to eisenhower, he would have been fired and the war would have lasted longer. so our standards have changed. somehow we care more about personal moral lapses than we do about having effective leaders. and that worries me. >> but is a moral lapse more of a concern when you're dealing with the intelligence community than with the military community? >> my opinion is that paula broadwell looked at his gmail and yahoo account, but knocking around afghanistan, reporters hear a lot of classified
information too. if they will start charging people for access to classified information, you have to put most of the national security staff for the new york times and the washington post in jail. >> what can you tell us about paula broadwell? >> she's smart, tough, ambitious. she once told me that she was very upset because the army wouldn't let her go to sniper school. she is a world burner. homecoming queen, class president all at the same time. i can see how petraeus would be impressed by her. i'm just story it turned into a personal tragedy for two families there. >> tom ricks, appreciate your time this morning, thank you. >> you're welcome. time now to turn to jenna with this morning's other top stories. >> good morning, america is heading towards a fiscal cliff, and president obama and republican leaders are saying there is room to compromise, but
no one seems willing to back off their position on tax cuts. we're all over it, mike is at the white house. talks will be held next week, tell us everything you need to know, you only have a few minutes or less. >> both sides say they want compromise, you're right, but there doesn't appear to be any common ground on one very big issue, and that is how much should the wealthy pay in taxes. it's the key sticking point. we heard a lot about it, there's a lot of bush-era expiring tax cuts. if we go over the cliff, americans will pay more than half a trillion more in taxes next year alone. you combine that with mandatory automatic spending points, and analyst say it could mean soars unemployment next year and yes, another recession. yesterday, the two key players in all of this, the speaker of the house and president obama laid down their markers, drawing
lines in the sand. i'm open to compromise, but, i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. i'm not going to ask students and seniors, and middle class families to pay down the entire deficit while people like me, making over $250,000, aren't asked to pay a dime more. raising tax rates will slow down our ability to create the jobs that everyone says they want. >> so jenna, we have seen this movie before, partisan posturing, whether it goes to the limit, to the end of the acquire, remains to be seen. both sides, the congressional leadership, and president obama, he he will be hosting them here at the white house next week. >> well said, well informed, thanks, mike. long island new york is calling for federal help to get the power back on. nearly a half million customers are still in the dark just two
weeks after hurricane sandy hit, new york just joined new jersey in gas rationing. only a quart of the stations are now open. an important message for anyone that owns a car seat. a safety recall is out on car seats. children have been gagging on the pads on the seats, the boulevard 70 g 3, advocate 70 g 3, and civilian 70 g 3. check those if you have them at home. today is degz signated malala d. the 15-year-old shot by militan militants. a petition is going around the world asking that she get a noble prize. >> black fried is coming early,
black friday is now on tuesday. retailers will open on thursday last year when the stores opened at midnight, how did retailers respond? they opened earlier this year. rumor has it, valentine's day is the target day for friday next year. so, let's just all settle down a bit. that's the news. let's head back to lester and erica. >> we're here. >> we're here. >> people don't see the studio, but there are a lot of cameras in between the two of us. >> there you go. you see the spacing here? the feng-shui in studio 1a? i'm done. >> are you sure? frnlg>> thanks, jenna. we have a check of the forecast.
good morning again. >> we're looking over here this morning. look who is 50. so you're the 30-year-old, right? >> yes. >> and you squeezed in here, it's your 40th birthday. >> 40th. >> we have an 80-year-old woman over there, i'll introduce you to her in a bit. we are talking snow out in montana. we had the first snowstorm of the season. look at those conditions, bozeman montana, trucks and cars sliding off the road. a school bus slid off the road, those kids were okay. it only created a 30-minute delay for them. terrible conditions out in montana. now that's moving into north dakota later on today. so we're talking about severe weather also from omaha, nebraska down to northern texas. we could see large hail, damaging winds. that's a strong cold front moving eastward. also producing showers, up into the chicago area. light showers, nothing too heavy. it's all about the snow up through the northern plains and rockies. that cold front will move eastward, that warm front is
moving eastward, too. 50s will be replaced by 60s as we go into tomorro >> cheering skies and cold temperatures. a couple of locations under the frost advisory. we still have a few scattered showers along the coast and coastal range for the first half of the day. a little bit of that, but in the sierra, a lot of snow. a winter weather advisory for the high countries and bay area highs in the 50s. if lola celebrating 80 years. 80 wonderful years. where are you from? >> i'm here with my six daughters and they are all from minnesota, north dakota, and colorado. >> i was wondering why everybody was so beautiful. it's all thanks to your mom, right? that's your latest weather.
lester? >> thanks. democracy plaza is gone, they're building the platform for the inauguration, but in florida, they won't have a tally on the race until today. while the race is too close to call there, for others it's just another election beyond embarrassing. >> reporter: yes, florida has been here before. in 2000, we had the hanging chads. >> today it's a battle over ballots in palm beach county. >> reporter: in 2004, problems with the then new and improved touchscreen system. and this year, the supposedly simpler paper ballot, but each page had to be fed into a scanner. as it turned out, with 9 million plus voters and multiple pages, the equipment couldn't keep up. >> some waited in line for a very long time. >> reporter: even the president noted problems. >> by the way, we have to fix that. >> reporter: from south florida to the state capital, florida
voters say they're embarrassed. >> they don't call it flori-da for nothing. >> it's almost as if floor rrid can't count. >> if the rest of the country can do it, why can't we do it. >> it's almost as if your vote doesn't count. >> reporter: the problems brought one county supervisor of elections to tears. >> i will do whatever it takes to ensure that this does not happen again. >> reporter: and for late-night comics, easy material. >> some people had to wait five or six hours to vote there. what goes on in florida? they had four years to fix this. they had four years to fix things before that. we need to make sure florida never gets the olympics. >> reporter: this all may make sense if you have been in florida for a long time, there used to be a promotional campaign in this state. >> don't argue, this is florida.
the rules are didn't here. >> reporter: what state leaders now wish they could adopt is what happens in florida -- shhh, stays in florida. florida's election process where again there are promises, next time it will be better. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. up next, james bond back and better than ever. ♪ ♪
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ride. >> it has captivated audiences decade after decade after decade after bond, after bond, after bond. he is still the most daring british spy with a license to kill. a host of gadgets, a weakness for vodka, and a never ending stream of those bond girls. >> and the latest installment, "sky fall." marking the 50th anniversary, is no exception. >> it's on track to be the most profitable jamz bond movie of all time. it's already made $270 million worldwide. >> it's the first one that's directed by an oscar winning filmmaker, sam mendez, and fan
favorite, daniel craig is getting great reviews from fans. >> a lot of fans call him and sean connery the best of all time. he brought a real grittiness to it, a reality to it, a cool factor that i think was missing from the jamz bond franchise. >> gritty, cool, larger than life. appearing with the queen at the olympics in london, and while it may remake a mystery, why the man of mystery doesn't look like he's going away any time soon. six different actors have portrayed james bond in 23 films including "sky fall." and this is called the best ever. >> they keep raising the bar.
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>> good morning. if you are a driver from the dreaded or snow border or skier, you are happy. thank for joining us this morning. rob has a snowy forecast for the sierra. >> maybe towards mt. hamilton, but interstate 80 and the snow is falling down near baxter to truckee where you have chain controls. in pollack pines towards meyers. snow falling close to 3,000 feet and extra real estate drive time. the snow is flying around yosemite. for the bay area, showers around the e the hilltops and flew the afternoon, a stray shower or two around the coastal mountains and things transition and drier for the afternoon.
patchy frost and temperatures in the north bay. low 30s and sunshine only mid- to upper 50s. a cool day today and sly risk of an isolated shower and tomorrow we warm up slowly. a dry finish to the weekend. warming up some monday and tuesday. >> vietnam ve rans will break down on a memorial for those whoa didn't come home. the monument is in guadalupe park across from hp pavilion. >> a serene, peaceful, tranquil place where people can come and reflect. >> organizers used private money and are raising funds to pay the bills and for upkeep as well. the veterans of other wars can build on the same plot of land. >> the east bay is saluting the
first man to set foot on the moon. they are honoring the life of neal armstrong. it houses the largest mission of artifacts. they played an essential role in 1916. they recovered the crew when they returned to the air and spent several day was of quarantine on the aircraft carrier. armstrong passed away in august. today in san francisco, a special opportunity for athletes with u nuke challenges to up their game. about 100 military veterans and pair olympians will attend a program to get prosthetics fittings. they will train at swimming, martial arts and rock climbing. coming up on today in the bay, skiers and snowboarders, get ready. there is fresh powder in the area and we will show you and
tell you which resort is expected to open today and when the rest might follow suit. we have all the day's news in 30 minutes and more with the chilly forecast and see you back here. ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious.
>> back on a saturday morning, and talk about a beautiful day here on the plaza. any day is a great day to come to the plaza, but today is a nice break from the crazy weather we've been having in the area. >> i thought tree was supposed to be arriving soon. >> it's on it's way. >> a lot of people going to be here. >> we want to thank the people here this morning for spending part of their morning with us. just ahead in this half hour, fashionably frugal. we're all trying to save a little money and still look chic. whoever said you should not wear the same outfit twice obviously never met the duchess of cam
bridge or the first lady michelle obama. >> do you remember what somebody else wore at an event. >> oddly enough, i can't always remember what i wear, but i remember events by clothes. when i went to the janet jackson concert in 1984, i remember exactly what i wore. >> the new york aquarium sits right there on the beach, and a lot of heroic employees stood their ground and saved the fish there. >> erica, you're new here, but you should know that i'm the queen of practical jokes, and when you at least expect it, you will be the target of many, so there is a thing you've heard of, photobombing, now we have phone bombing. and we have this adorable
wedding picture, 88 years in the ma making. and it's a bunch of fun things we will recap. >> and a heart warming story of survival. this abandoned dog has made a comeback. >> and we're going to talk about the current season of "the voice" with christina aguilera. >> first, we have a final check of weather. it's like if you miss this, you won't know anything for the rest of the day. >> yes, don't look up at the sky, it will just confuse you. we're looking at a nice day here in new york, finally. we won't see a lot of messy weather in the northeast for quite some time. the weather actually back through the northern plains into the dakotas, we do have some of that severe snowfall that is continuing to blow around too.
also a slight right of stronger storms in the country, large hail, and gusty winds as well, and that stretches right down from wisconsin to texas. and the eastern half of the country enjoying a warm up. we'll go from 50s today into the 60s tomorrow, and kansas goes from the a chilly start around the bay area. 30s and 39 degrees and 32 in santa rosa. 34 in gilroy. lots of snow in the siary. chain control from baxter to truckee and pollack pines to meyer this is morning and snow around yosemite. bay area may see a stray shower or two and transitioning to a drier forecast. upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow
as you see a dry finish to the weekend and slightly warmer temperatures. and that is your latest forecast. >> thanks, plenty of headlines have been made lately over not just what certain high profile win are wearing to some of the big events in their lives, but what they're wearing again and again. we have the story from london. >> reporter: why would it be bloe global news that someone was wearing an article of clothing over again. it just wasn't done in the past. princess diana, after she was done with her clothes, would auction them off. >> there were landmark dresses and occasions. >> today, with the fiscal cliff looming, and people rioting, what could be more than excess. >> it's a badge saying why not
play that dress again. michelle obama wore this dress for the third time in public. "people" magazine gave a very modern explanation, she had no time think about an outfit and made a last minute decision. michelle has be-- and duchess k wearing a gown that she wore the year prior. >> if anyone has thrown the world of wear it once in the world's face, it has been kate. she has been known to shop from bargain bins, and she wore this
dress twice in 11 days. she clearly feels if the shoe fits, keep on wearing it. even the queen reused her dress from kate's wedding. >> i saw her wear a purple outfit about seven times at different occasions, but because the queen is so visible, people don't notice at all. >> finally fashion goddesses have tossed this rule out. i guess that's relief for the rest of us. parts of new york city and suburbs are regaining power again after the one-two punch of hurricane sandy, but one popular landmark remains in the dark. it's the new york aquarium. the animals there were saved by a very dedicated staff. >> though it's filled with the wonders of the sea, during
hurricane sandy, the ocean devastated the new york aquarium. >> we knew we were getting hit faster than we expected for sure. my forget thought was we lost the aquarium. >> the storm surge flooded aquarium, water reaching up to 15 feet and destroying vital utilities, the biggest cry access they have ever faced. >> all of our electrical equipment was gone. >> electrical equipment controlling key life support systems, sustaining the 12,000 fish and marine mammals, including one new resident. last month, an orphaned baby walrus was found and brought in.
jenkinson's air quare yum spent two weeks without power and may have to evacuate their animals next week. back at coney island, many employees moved in. when they finally got a chance to check on the animals, instead of him hiding in the corner, he was swimming on his back and vocalizing. the water was hurricany, but the image was clear. most of the animals from fish to ot teters were alive and health. >> it's a moment of ar fir nation that what we've been working for we could claim it and say there is hope here. >> saving precious marine life from the fury of the sea.
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grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life. morning we're launching the weekly rewind. jenna is here with stories we may have missed. >> say it again. >> i can't. >> here we go, a bunch of really interesting things that happened this week. number one, have you ever been on your cell phone, and someone comes next to you and yapping really loudly right next to you. this is apparently what all of the young kids are doing, i give you phone bombing. >> what time do you want to do?
maybe 7:30? i'm sorry, what? >> i said 7:30. >> hang on, the reception is bad, that's a little better. >> okay. >> no, well, i'll let her know, 6:30. >> you see what's happening there, the guy with long hair has no eyed what is happening. >> if you don't think you'll do that to somebody -- >> is that what you were doing today in make up? >> now have it's all coming together. >> so hopefully is happens to other people now. number two, you know those sour patch candies? you know they insanely tangy, so you prepare for them, what if you're not prepared, and you're 80, and your grandkids ask you
to try some of your candy. this is what happens. >> give me a tissue. >> it gets sweet. >> no, dad, it gets sweet. >> it gets better. >> we're not making fun of the guy, but it was like when i did that to my grandfather and i was six. >> just not on video. >> and also not on the youtube, just saying. let's move on, we redefine the word adorable. here are the woos in their first official wedding photo taken, 88 years after they were married. they're pry like what do you mean cheese, why cheese? >> were there not cameras when
they were married? >> maybe not, but there was in the last ten years -- >> maybe they wanted to wait for 80. >> they did, and then at 88 they really got it. thank you, christina aguilera talking about "the voice."
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grammy winner christina aguilera is well known, but she is ready to add to her string of hits with "lotus." christina, nice to have you with us. >> thank you, thanks for having me. there's been a few changes to "the voice" this season, do you like it? >> i do, any more excuse to push
that button. we have it back in there, going strong, and people are really seeming to appreciate it and like it. it keeps the action going, it's fun. >> i would think that makes it more fun you for guys too, does it make a real difference in the team? >> it does, maybe you might have missed the opportunity the first time around, and you never know in the dynamics of who they will go up against, one person, another coach might pass on someone else, that might be great. last season i had this battle between two amazing male vocalists, jesse and anthony. and you know, it was -- they were both so incredible. if we had steal last year, someone would not have gone home that day. it's a very interesting format that gets better and better with this show. >> i'm a very big fan of the show. one of the things you hear a lot about is that it's a show that
parents and kids can watch together. you're all very supportive and positive, how important was that to you in agreeing to be a part of this show? >> i only said i would be a part of the show only if it was to be in support of talent. not tearing it down or taking jabs, or cheap shots for ratings. you know, that's not cool, that's not what it's about. i have sheen some of that come out on some other shows, and it really turns me off of the whole idea. but all four of us, we all had the same vision going in. it was a passion project to support talent, me, blake, adam, cee-lo. we're all game for taking shots at each other on the same playing field. we know as performers what it's like to get up there, it reinspired me in a way to hopefully when i went into the recording of "lotus" to specifically write songs for the
next generation of true talented vocalist. >> so we asked some viewers and fans if they had questions for you, some of them were curious about how much you keep in touch with them. beth from texas wants to know if you keep in touch with contestants after that leave and do you continue to help them? >> i do, i absolutely do, la rosa wanted to come finish school out here, chris man, last year's contestant, now on itunes with his song "rose." he is with the guy that signed me to my first record deal, so it's a whole family thing going on. i keep in touch with beverly, yeah, it's good times, you know. >> we only have a short time for this one, but josh from idaho
wants to know what it's like when you put the button, turn around, and the person does not at all match the voice. >> it's, you know, it's surprising. we turned our chair around by not pressing the button. and you know, really, some crazy stuff has gone down. some are much older, some are much younger, and sometimes it all makes sense, and sometimes you take it back, and sometimes someone is extremely good looking and you take it back, that's what beauty of that show is, you can't judge anybody except for being based on a voice. >> thank you, christina aguilera, of course, you can catch her on "the voice." leevels presents the latest thing to wear with beautiful tops. beautiful underarms. wear with halter tops, tube tops, and bustiers. bling tops and swing tops.
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we've all heard stories about dog rescues, but this one is sure to warm your heart. we want to introduce you to fiona who was found in a trash heap. she is blind, abused, and found in a trash heap. two years after hope for paws came to her aid, she is here with her owners chris and michelle gentry. great to have you here. what a story. the group that found her, what did they have to do to nurse her back to health? >> when they found her, she was, you saw the condition, they said it was the worst flea
investation, shaved her down, cleaned her up for the vet. she was fine, but the eyesight they found out, they confirmed she was blind in both eyes but they could resthoer vision in one if they could raise money for surgery. >> and here she sits today in pretty good shape, how did you find her? >> we were looking to adopt a dog for my parents, and a friend sent her video, and of course, we cried, and we were like we have to find that dog a home. so she ended up with us. >> are you surprised at some of the reaction that she's received and the story that has picked up over the last week or so? >> honestly i didn't just because when i first saw the video, i thought how do more people not see this. we had her about a year, and when it went viral it went crazy. when it hit the websites, we're like okay, we're not crazy. >> you're about to lose her to
dillon. >> is she a happy dog? >> yes. >> and she is dog of the year, right? >> yes. >> thanks for bringing her, we hope people realize it's important to rescue dogs. >> and any bread you think you want, there is a rescue group for it. >> tomorrow on "today." the popular "twilight" series as we prepare for the last installation. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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